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June 2012






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  Marty Morgan







By the time you read this newsletter, all the planning and assignments for the Soap Box Derby should be finalized. Many, many thanks are in order for the members of the Soap Box Derby Committee, Sertoma Promotion Club, Littleton Sertoma and all the other volunteers who will be in attendance this weekend.  Jerry, Bernie, Ann, C.J., Denny, Dave, Marty, Christi, Terry, Judy and many others have put a tremendous amount of work and effort into making this event a huge success. Thanks also to Jerry Stander and Bill Davenport for putting two stock Soap Box Derby cars in the showrooms of Don Massey Cadillac and GO Courtesy Ford. These two dealerships contributed generously to our event. We still would like to have more spectators, so tell your friends and neighbors.


I recently attended the Mid-year Governor’s Conference held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine, California.  The purpose of this meeting was to prepare the agenda, set a budget and reserve specific hotel facilities for the Regional Convention to be held September 13–15, 2012.  Much time was spent on choosing some great topics for our training and breakout sessions. Some topics from the recent International Convention were selected along with some new and interesting presentations. Jim Amato, Convention Treasurer, had worked out a tentative budget prior to the meeting. After much discussion and some changes, the budget was approved by all present. Two breakfasts, two lunches and the Saturday evening banquet are included in the registration price. We are working on obtaining some fun entertainment for Thursday evening.  We also reviewed discount prices for local attractions in the Los Angeles area. Room price at the hotel is $99.00 plus tax. This price will be available for two days prior and two days after the convention. More information including registration cost will be forthcoming.


Your Governors will schedule the Combined Central Colorado and Front Range District Leadership Conference for sometime in June or early July. A location for the event and the selection of our trainers and topics is being worked on. In addition to the DLC, we expect to hold the Combined District Awards Meeting sometime in August. It will be held prior to the Regional Convention.


Three of our club liaisons signed in to the latest webinar entitled “Celebrate Sound.” It was an interesting presentation and I hope you will all be getting information from them regarding this fundraiser. If your club does not yet have an “active” Club Liaison assigned, I urge you to get this position filled very soon.


Since this is my last newsletter of the Fiscal Year, I want to thank all of the Club Presidents who worked hard for their clubs during the year as well as for their participation in the monthly Presidents Roundtable. It is my hope that you enjoyed your time in office and that you will continue to assist your club with its Service to Mankind.


As of May 10, the Central Colorado District has 141 members. This is a net increase of one member for the first eleven months of the FY. Of the eight Districts in our region, three of them showed a positive increase in membership over the year.






(Note: With the exception of Grand Mesa and Longmont, all telephone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found in the Membership Directory)


                      COLUMBINE                     DTC                                     PLATTE CANYON


President      Charlene Dame                Adam Smith                           Bob Haigh

Secretary      Pamela Bruce                   Judi Tomlinson                      Dick LeVere

Treasurer      Bob Coon                          Wes Schuneman                  Jim Allison


                       DRY CREEK            GREATER PARK HILL            SERTOMA PROMOTION


President      Susan Goodman             Gregory Anderson                  Shelly Morgan

Secretary      Elizabeth Davenport       Dr. Cora Earnest                    Judy Wolcott

Treasurer      Lianne Bower                  Barbara Daniels                     C.J. Farr





June 2-3         Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby

June 11           Presidents Roundtable (PAC meeting)

June ??          District Leadership Conference

July 1              Write-ups for SOTY, STM and Club Secretary awards due to District Governor

July 9              Presidents Roundtable  (PAC meeting)

July 10            Club Award forms must be submitted to Sertoma Headquarters

Aug ??           Combined District Awards Banquet

Aug 9              Taste of WWW and Silent Auction

Aug 13            Presidents Roundtable (PAC meeting)

Aug 18            Western Welcome Week Grand Parade and Festival Day

Sept 10           Presidents Roundtable (PAC meeting)

Sept 13-15      Mountain West Regional Convention – Hyatt Regency Hotel - Irvine, California

Oct 8               Presidents Roundtable (PAC meeting)

Nov 12            Presidents Roundtable (PAC meeting)

Dec 10            Presidents Roundtable (PAC meeting)




Feb 12             Freedom Week Luncheon

April 18-20     Sertoma International Convention  -  Hilton St. Louis Frontenac


Please let us know of any club events that you want shown in the newsletter


This is a final reminder to submit your club for awards given out for this fiscal year. The forms for the awards are due to Sertoma International by July 10. The awards you should be looking at are the 1) Mission Club Award, 2) Member Services Award, 3) Market Development Club Award and 4) Circle of Excellence Award. Information on these awards has been given to each club president at the Presidents Roundtable. If you need more information, please contact Marty Morgan or Russ Fuiks.



All current club Presidents are reminded to bring their President Elect to the Presidents Roundtable on Monday, June 11.  This will enable the incoming Presidents to become familiar with the agenda of this monthly meeting.

Soap Box Derby Information


June 2                                 Super Kids Championship, Inspection and car impound

June 3                                 Championship Race



The Sertoma Club of DTC was chartered on May 15, 1987 by the Littleton Sertoma Club. Jay Valentic, Al Case and Dave Drake of the Littleton  Club worked hard to get the new club started. Twenty five years later, Helen Sherer and David Oppenheim are the only Charter Members still active, Bruce Schacterle and Wes Schuneman joined later the same year, so they are almost Charter Members.


The club’s “Tehuacan Project” provides hearing aids, speech therapy, vocational and sign language education to Mexico’s first school for deaf children. In conjunction with the Loveland Rotary, this club helped to open the “Casa del Nino Sordo” school in Mexico.


The Sertoma Club of DTC started their Soldier Project in 2003. This project helped many of the seriously wounded soldiers who were recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. This hospital has since closed but the club continues to help our wounded veterans through the Freedom Service Dogs’ Program.


The Sertoma Club of DTC is very community oriented and has helped Inter-Faith Services, Samaritan House, Denver Rescue Mission, Hearing Dogs International, Santa Claus Shop, Bessie’s Hope and numerous other organizations in the community.


Other activities of the club are the Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby and Freedom Week events.


The club is celebrating their 25th Anniversary on May 5th with a Wine/Beer Tasting and a Silent/Live Auction. It will be held at the Lone Tree Country Club from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.


The club has been meeting at various locations over the years and their latest location is the Mangia Bevi Café at 6363 S. Fiddlers Green circle



   The Greater Park Hill Sertoma Club was built by the Arapahoe Club and chartered with twenty five members on December 13, 1985. Robert (Bob) Shoates was the charter President and was re-elected to that position three more times. Greater Park Hill Sertoma has provided the District with three District Governors: Omar Blair, Bob Shoates and Earnest Reese. Larry Weir, Earnest Reese and Bob Shoates received the Gold Honor President’s Award and over the years, the club has built the Montbello Sertoma Club as well as four Serteen Clubs. Their affiliates are the Denver Health Foundation – Newborn and Infant Hearing Testing and Bridges of Silence.

   Now you ask what do they do to raise money? Well, there are too many ways to list, so I will only give you the names of a few of them: casino trips, Las Vegas raffle, garage sales, golf tournaments, bridge tournaments, bingo, soap box derby, cruise raffle, wine tasting and coffee sales. Some of the many club sponsorships are Denver Health Baby Shower, Hope Center, Toys for Kids, African American Leadership Institute, Race for the Cure, Denver Health, National Heritage and Marion Downs Hearing Center. Many other groups receive help and dollars from the club.

   Most of our Sertomans are aware that the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library was named after Omar Blair a charter member of the Greater Park Hill Club. Omar was very active in the community as well as having served as President of the Denver School Board. As a Major in the Tuskegee Airmen, he was in the Famous “Red Tails” fighter group squadron. The library’s focus is on the history, literature, art. music, religion and politics of African Americans in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West.

   As you can see, the club does not let any grass grow under its feet. It should be pointed out that club members always show up at Sertoma events such as District meetings and Regional and International Conventions.

   For years, the club held their meetings at the Park Hill Golf Course however lately they have been moving their meeting places. Call someone in the club before you plan to visit them.




   The Sertoma Promotion Club was chartered on August 31, 1999. The club was organized to help promote Sertoma in the Denver area and its membership consists of twenty dual club members and five Promotion Club members. This allows the club to provide communication, help and assistance to all other clubs in the area. With the exception of  Grand  Mesa and Longmont, all Sertoma clubs in the Central Colorado and Front Range Districts have at least one member in the Promotion Club.

   In the early years, the club members designed and built a “parade float” to be used in parades and other events. (The float is sometimes referred to as the Rolling Promotion Unit or RPU.) Club members, along with the “float” have participated in many parades in the Denver metro area. You will always find Promotion Club members participating in the annual Western Welcome Week Parade in Littleton. In addition to parades, the club is responsible for putting together the annual Sertoma Membership Directory for all Sertoma Clubs in the area. Club members also assist with the organization of our Soap Box Derby event.

    The Sertoma Promotion Club meets quarterly at the home of Helen and Merritt Sherer.



   The Dry Creek Sertoma Club was chartered on October 29, 1992 as an all women’s club. They meet for breakfast at Marie Callender’s Restaurant in Littleton on the first and third Wednesday and have also initiated a “Lunch Bunch that meets once a month for lunch. They currently have thirty members and they expect to continue growing with the help of their “Lunch Bunch”.

Over the years, they have provided us with numerous Sertoma officers as well as two District Governors. A gold honor coat was awarded to Club President Joyce Peluso for providing leadership to build the Summit Club in Greeley.

   The club does not let any grass grow under their feet and they raise money with booths at two  local craft fairs, candle sales, pancake breakfasts as well as a “Letters from Santa” project. The money has been donated to their affiliate, Doctor’s Care Clinic for Kids, as well as Inter-Faith Community Services, Race For the Cure and the Arapahoe Santa Claus Shop. Dry Creek Sertoma has received a number of Sertoma Grants to help them support children’s  hearing programs.

Over the years, Dry Creek Sertoma has probably won more Club Awards than any other club in the District.



   Columbine Sertoma Club was chartered on November 21, 1953. It is the next oldest club after Arapahoe Sertoma Club in the Denver Metro area.  During the 58 years of SERVICE in the Aurora community, funds have been raised to assist Speech and Hearing, Freedom and Democracy, Service to Mankind and Youth Services.

   Membership in the early years was in the 60’s. There was a waiting list for people wanting to join. With their current membership of 10 (4 members are Sertoma Life Members), they have the following SERVICE TO MANKIND projects going: Sponsor 2-4 schools for the Freedom Week Essay Contest,  support Comitis Family Services (Crisis Center) with food and clothing, sponsor 2 drivers for the Sertoma Mile High Soap Box Derby. They also donate money, books, food and support to Hard of Hearing children at the Marion Downs Hearing Center, Dalton Elementary School and Grandview High School. The club sponsors a Service–to-Mankind nominee from the Aurora community.

   In order to finance their sponsorship projects, they raise money with a variety of events such as sales of pizza, coffee, Duffy rolls and jam & jelly, They  raise additional money by holding a Pancake Breakfast at a local restaurant and also with a hot dog stand at the Soap Box Derby. The club’s motto is “Volunteering is good for the HEART and SOUL”.

   It should also be pointed out that Columbine members are very active in Sertoma District functions and some of them are dual members in the Sertoma Promotion Club.

   One final comment is that the Columbine Sertoma Club has 70-80% attendance at all of their events AND THEY ONLY HAVE 10 MEMBERS TO ACCOMPLISH ALL OF THIS.



   This club was built by the Arapahoe Sertoma Club with 42 members and chartered in June, 1981. It was originally designed to be an all male club and is currently still all men. They are now open to including ladies into the club but as yet have not been successful in that area.  Over the years, they have held many successful golf tournaments and the money raised was donated to International Hearing Dogs, Denver Ear Institute, Marion Downs Hearing Center as well as large number of other needy organizations and individuals with speech or hearting problems. They have contributed large sums of money to help individuals with Cochlear Ear Implants.

   This club is very active in District and Regional Sertoma events, and was the host club for two Regional Conventions as well as an International Convention held in Denver. The club has produced three District Governors and an International Director over the years. 

Over the last two years, Platte Canyon has sponsored six middle schools for the annual Freedom Week Essay Contest.

   Platte Canyon is also very active in the community, serving lunch to seniors at the Buck Recreation Center and packing food for the needy every Friday morning. They are responsible for staging the Western Welcome Week Parade in downtown Littleton and also organize and work the Silent Auction associated with Western Welcome Week.  In the past, they have raised money selling beer at Colorado Rockies and Denver Bronco’s games and hosted numerous wine tasting events.    ...

Guest Speakers


An interesting speaker or program at your Sertoma Club meeting will usually be the highlight of the entire meeting. When bringing a guest or potential member to your meeting, it is important that you have a good program. For this reason, I ask that clubs who have an interesting speaker or an unusually good program, please contact me afterwards with his/her name and contact information. I will see that this is passed on to all of our clubs.



In addition to Mike Camelio, Certified Trainer, we presently have two Regional Trainers in our two Districts. They are C.J. Farr and Charlene Dame.

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